For 25 years, Lawrence Gable authored and published the What’s Happening articles in English and Latin American Spanish. These articles, now published by Virginia Institute Press, are considered by the many loyal subscribers to be essential tools for teaching and improving reading skills, promoting critical thinking, and aiding students of English as a Second Language (ESL) and Spanish as a foreign language.

What’s Happening monthly articles are based on high-interest current events, and are carefully written with expository reading in mind to meet core standards. There are two reading levels available, integrating vocabulary building components, background information for teachers, topics for discussion and writing, and research sources and references.

Subscribing institutions obtain site license to copy the What’s Happening articles for every student and teacher in elementary, middle, high school or adult education programs. Individual subscribers benefit from access to current and archival articles to use for reading, tutorial, and self-study purposes.

Carrying on the valuable legacy from Lawrence Gable, Virginia Institute Press will produce and distribute the What’s Happening articles starting in September, 2018.

Our Chief Editor, Rocío Txabarriaga, has long collaborated as proofreader with Mr. Gable, and besides her own extensive experience in academic publishing, this collaboration with Mr. Lawrence has provided her with intimate knowledge and a deep understanding of the objectives of the What’s Happening publications.

Virginia Institute Press is committed to continue to deliver the level of quality and service What’s Happening subscribers have come to expect and appreciate. There are, however, a few changes that current subscribers will need to keep in mind:

  • Subscription prices will remain unchanged for the 2018-2019 academic period.
  • What’s Happening in the U.S. and What’s Happening in the World will be distributed electronically via email every month. In the near future, subscribers will be able to download the articles any time from a web page. IMPORTANT: Paper copies will no longer be mailed. This will allow us to keep subscriptions at their current low prices.
  • The What’s Happening in California article has been discontinued. Current pre-paid subscribers to the California version will have access to archived articles upon request.
  • New subscriptions will be processed at our headquarters in Virginia Beach. To subscribe, or if you have questions about your subscription, please write to subscriptions at virginiainstitutepress dot com, or call 1 757.455.9209 and ask for What’s Happening Subscriptions.

Virginia Institute Press will be in touch with all subscribers to provide updates as the publication transfer is completed.