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We are very interested in hearing from writers from around the world who have an unpublished manuscript and meet certain criteria.  Before you consider a submission to Virginia Institute Press, please read the following about our requirements.


You may submit final drafts any original publishable works for consideration to the Chief Editor.  Books need not have final formatting, such as styles, illustrations or other graphic elements (Virginia Institute Press will provide these as applicable), but the core textual contents should be a final draft.  Upon review of the contents, Virginia Institute Press will notify the author of the work’s suitability for publication and will issue a publishing contract.  Editors will fully edit accepted works for linguistic quality, but not for content.  Edited and formatted versions are sent to authors for review, and authors are solely responsible for the ultimate contents of their published works.

Virginia Institute Press will include the following disclaimer in all works it accepts for publication and edits for quality:

“Virginia Institute Press edits all works it publishes for linguistic quality.  Virginia Institute Press is not responsible for any content errors found in this publication.  Any content errors eventually found in this publication are the sole responsibility of its author or authors, who approve the final version of their own work.  Neither Virginia Institute Press nor the author or authors are responsible in any way whatsoever for the reader’s use of the contents in this publication.”

Virginia Institute Press reserves the right to refuse to publish works that it deems unfit for publication, and agrees to publish, market and distribute accepted works at its own cost and expense.

Word count: Books intended for children do not have a minimum word count, based on the assumption that they are largely concept-driven and heavily illustrated.  Authors of children’s books will need to include a set of clear learning objectives, as well as a brief explanation of the methodology followed to create the book.

Books intended for young adults and adult readers shall have a minimum of 25,000 words, not including reference sections, tables, and other addenda.  Submissions of books intended for use in academic settings must include learning objectives and a brief explanation of the target audience.  Other works with less than the minimum word count will be considered for publication under a designation other than “book.”

Thesis, dissertations, research papers and articles

Master’s thesis, doctoral dissertations, and research papers are not subject to word count minimums, but should follow the rules of the author’s academic institution.  All thesis, dissertations, and research papers shall include an abstract.  Abstracts cannot have over 350 words.  Articles do not need to include an abstract, but should provide adequate references and bibliographical data.  Articles and papers will only be considered for inclusion in the Coalition for Distinguished Language Centers’ Journal for Distinguished Language Studies, an annual publication.


Virginia Institute Press will take any and all necessary steps to protect the Work’s copyright against infringement by third parties.  The copyright notice will be inserted into all editions of the Work according to the provisions of the Universal Copyright Convention (UCC), and Virginia Institute Press will assume all formalities and procedures in this connection, unless otherwise requested in writing by Author.  If the Author’s work is based on government work that is not subject to copyright protection, the Author transfers the publishing rights to Virginia Institute Press to the extent transferable.  If the Author’s work is based on work for hire that is owned by an organization, the Author is obligated to disclose this fact to Virginia Institute Press, and Virginia Institute Press shall be authorized to negotiate any transferable rights with said organization to the extent transferable.  Should the negotiation be unsuccessful, Virginia Institute Press will not publish the Work.

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